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Coaching Track

Welcoming Senior Leaders to skill up, build resilience and to engage in a positive, supportive community during a time of significant change. 


About this Track

Executive coaching is a one-on-one relationship between an expert in individual leadership development and an executive or manager. Excellent coaching is the artful use of questioning, listening and observation. It requires re- spect and trust on the part of the coach, not just the client. Trust is communicated because the very act of questioning and listening is a demonstration of respect. Executive coaching helps individual leaders use what they’re innately good it. It helps them build on their strengths, develop flexibility and change-readiness, create awareness of short- comings and build commitment to self-development and achievement.


Our Year-Long Program

  • Each coaching session can be conducted via Zoom, Webex, your platform of choice or over the phone. You can expect honest feedback, clarifying questions, support and challenge. You can also expect confidentiality. In order for coaching to work well, we provide individuals the confidential space to speak candidly about your successes, frustrations, mistakes and possibilities.

  • Set and achieve goals unique to your specific leadership context

  • Focus on adapting to the unique culture and challenges of your organizational environment

  • Build confidence, capacity and capability for Inspiring Leadership

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Bonus Content

Members of our Executive Coaching Program also get access to:

  • Monthly Leadership Spotlight Webinars

  • Global Network of Inspiring Leaders to connect with

  • Inspiring Leadership Book Club

  • Strengths Call And More!

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