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Leadership Spotlight:
Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel

“Self-Worth: The Missing Piece in Leadership”
January 26 at 10am SAST

Leave No Girl Behind International (LNGBI) is a non-profit empowerment organisation founded in 2013 and based in South Africa. LNGBI is dedicated to empowering girls and women worldwide to find, respect and embrace their voices, talents and unique potential through leadership programs based on the organisation's six principles: Love, Strength, Courage, Freedom, Equality and Unity. The organisation, founded by activists and sisters, Haseena Patel and Shameema Patel, focuses primarily on the development of self-worth - the missing piece when creating gender equality. Girls who are treated as "less than" because they are female, grow up not knowing or believing in their worth and potential - their outlook on life is limited. LNGBI provides solution-oriented programs, building the foundation of self-worth and empowerment to create gender equality.

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