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Our next cohort for our 21 Day Resilience at Work Program starts on Monday, April 5th


Are you and your team in need of a kickstart to your transformational journey?

When you join Inspiring Leadership Community today you'll get access to our next cohort for the 21 Day Resilience at Work Program.


Join other leaders on a transformative journey to build resilience, where you get:

  • Free Resilience Assessment
  • Daily tips, prompts, and access to top executive coaches
  • A global community of other leaders to engage and grow with 


Hear More from our Founder, Karlin Sloan

Learn more about what our program has to offer, from our founder Karlin Sloan, author of Inspiring Leadership for Uncertain Times and CEO of Sloan Group International


Inspiring Leadership For Uncertain Times
Build Resilience in Community: The 21 Day Resilience Program

Build Resilience in Community: The 21 Day Resilience Program

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- What Leaders are Saying - 

"The Resilience at Work Program has provided our nursing team a meaningful framework and model to learn valuable perspective when building resilience.  Our nursing leaders are beginning to utilize the program’s Resilience model to help identify areas of need and support for themselves and their teams. The Resilience model will make building resilience tangible and actionable for nurses in their work with each other and towards bedside care. We find the design and socialization of the Resilience program (along with it's many best practices) to be the excellent mechanism to keep ongoing conversations with continued development.  This will allow us to build a resilient nursing community here.”

How it works

In addition to your Resilience at Work Program you'll get access to the Inspiring Leadership online community. This platform combines micro-learning courses, activities to help you build resilience and leadership skills through easy to access programs.  

  1. Become a member

  2. Download the app

  3. Personalize your feed to you - You can personalize your feed with content and people around topics that inspire you.

  4. Set up your profile - And say hello! We want to meet you!  

  5. Explore, Engage, and Grow. Check our various discussion forums, events, and programs.  Start commenting, ask a question, create a poll, or post an article. Our community is growing, and we want you to be a part of it. 

Sign Up for the 21 Resilience at Work Program Today


Sign up for your annual membership and start building your resilience today! 







  • Confidential/ private group discussion 

  • Polls, question prompts and weekly content sharing with action steps and community interaction

  • Weekly live leadership virtues and character strengths program

  • Integrated curated videos and audio content

  • Integrated proprietary assessments and surveys

  • Coaching office hours monthly via group chat

  • Integrated monthly live events

  • Professional networking with like-minded leaders

  • Private direct messaging

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